Thermally Modified Wood

What is thermally modified wood?

Thermally Modified Western Wagon

It's easy to enjoy the beauty and richness of natural wood... when it's indoors, not out! Once outdoors and exposed to the elements, most wood begins to warp, twist, mold, rot, and decay, unless it's protected. Centuries ago, the Vikings learned to overcome natural wood's shortcomings by treating it with fire. They discovered that burning the surface of cut wood made it more resistant to the effects of outdoor exposure. This is considered to be the first instance of wood's thermal modification for construction purposes. Over the past century, Europeans further perfected the thermal modification process. They not only used heat to treat wood but added steam as well. Incorporating steam makes it possible to heat wood throughout to an extremely high temperature. This alters the structure of the wood, giving it an extraordinary resistance to warping, mold, rot, decay and insects. This unique process strengthens wood and makes it impervious to the elements, which, in turn, makes it ideal for building outdoor furniture. The wood has its "pores" sealed, which means that it makes an incredible surface to paint or stain. The thermal modification process makes this wood much safer than alternative options. Most pressure-treated woods are produced with the use of toxic chemicals, which are harmful to humans and animals. Touching chemically treated wood or breathing the air around it can be extremely harmful. These chemicals are so harsh that they even break down the fasteners that hold most wood assemblies together. Rest assured, our thermally modified wood is non-toxic and chemical-free. Thermally modified wood resists moisture, which keeps it from warping. It'll hold its shape, and retain its strength. The thermal modification process also removes starches, which creates a wood that's incredibly resistant to mildew, rot and insects. You can count on our products made with thermally modified wood to handle outdoor and indoor use for years to come.