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Wood Choices

Red Cedar

Red cedar can be left as is, oiled, stained, painted, or sealed. Red cedar comes naturally in a wide variety of shades and tones, so you won't completely know the tone of your wagon or cart until you recieve it.


All shelves are made of pine. This includes the platform, intermediate, and surround shelves. We offer very few of our products in pine. Reason being, pine shouldn't be out in rain or snow. It is weather sensitive. Anything with pine or made out of it should be kept indoors unless sealed.

Treated Wood

Treated wood carts and wagons are burnt to give them a rustic touch. No two wagons are alike when using this method. Treated wood has arsenic and copper contained in the treatment. We HIGHLY recommend that if you are going to plant anything in a treated wood wagon or cart, that a Filter/Overflow Kit is used to make sure no aresenic will leach into the soil. Please keep in mind that the black char from the burnt treated wood may rub off onto anything at first if rubbed up against.

Thermally Modified Yellow Pine

Thermally modified yellow pine undergoes a heat-treating process which adds strength and durability to the wood. The process allows for a smoother finish and a stable, durable construction adding to the longevity of the cart. It has an attractive appearance that can be sealed or painted for protection.

Sealing Wood - Food Safe / Weather Protection

We offer the option of sealing your wagon or cart to be food safe. It will be completely coated even underneath all brackets. This is to protect the wood from food if applicable, weather, or anything else. This option can be requested for an additional fee.